User Studies and User Experience

Our driving simulator enablesUX optimization and customer satisfaction

Whether you want to test your system's compliance with automotive guidelinescompare it to your competitors or have a different objective like user feedback, we are the right partner to plan, conduct and analyze your user studies. Our solutions range from simple stationary setups to our immersive static or dynamic driving simulators and testing on a closed track or naturalistic driving studies on public roads.

Our user study services start with consulting on project requirements, participant sample definitions, and suitable testing tools and continue with study design, participant recruiting, and handling. Our team operates all technical equipment and provides full data analyses and documentation. Our experience guarantees a stable and analyzable study design and execution while working together with established recruiting agencies ensuring a representative participant sample.

To continue upholding our priority of road traffic safety, we pay special attention to driver state detection during testing in our driving simulator or on the road. Due to our extensive research on driver attention, strategies, and driver state monitoring, we can model the driver performance in a resource-orientated way. Across numerous projects, we have optimized the way we monitor drivers with a variety of sensors. We use surveys, eye-tracking systems, and other measures to evaluate vital parameters like heart rate or body language, and we develop customized technical monitoring systems for your product to help detect the driver’s state and performance.

This is especially important for partially automated driving functions, as it is essential to guarantee that once the automation system transfers control of the vehicle back to the driver, they are prepared especially during scenarios where the driver is occupied with non-driving tasks such as reading, watching movies, etc., and expects the vehicle to be run by an autonomous driving function.

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