Automated Driving

With our testing, we push yourautomated driving to a higher level of safety

New ideas and valid evaluation of functions and concepts are decisive in the context of automated driving, driver assistance systems and vehicle connectivity. Our experience in this field and a unique range of state-of-the-art tools make us a strong partner in the development and testing of automated driving systems - from sensor tests to full system tests in simulation, in the driving simulation, on test tracks, and in the field to ensure guideline compliance or stay ahead of the curve. We offer services for the full range of functions categorized by the SAE automation levels from driver assistance functions up to future systems for fully autonomous driving.
Our team has helped make our customer's vehicles park themselves, learn to hear and drive through adverse weather conditions. We record and process naturalistic traffic datasets to enrich our customer's simulation and training environments. Make use of our broad experience in development and testing, reach out to connect with our experts.

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