Driving Simulator

With our publicly accessibledriving simulator we raise the bar for automotive engineering solutions

Static Simulator

  • No motion is simulated
  • 220 degree, curved frontal projection, covering human’s peripheral vision
  • Simulator design meets NHTSA guidelines for testing in driving simulators
  • Three-way split rear projection for true perspective in mirrors
  • Using Virtual Test Drive by Vires as the simulation engine
  • Ability to actively influence surrounding traffic behavior
  • Ability to actively influence weather conditions, time of day, etc.

Exemplary Measurable Parameters

  • Distance to target vehicle (e.g. for guideline testing scenarios)
  • Time headway
  • Ego vehicle speed
  • Lane exceedances (when a vehicle leaves its designated lane without purpose)
  • Steering angle
  • Pedal positions (gas and brake)
  • Custom metrics for your special purpose

Additional Measurable Parameters (with additional equipment, readily working with our simulator)

  • Gaze tracking, either head-mounted or dashboard-mounted 
  • Detection response task (DRT), both tactile and visible – DRT is a frequently used way to measure workload
  • Subjective measures through questionnaires administered by experienced study executors (e.g. usefulness of system, usability, frustration, workload)

Vehicle Controls

  • Force feedback steering wheel, which captures the road resistance - fully customizable to your specific vehicle
  • True-feel brake pedal - mimicking the behavior of a hydraulically-operated brake pedal, increasing immersion
  • Accelerator with "kick down" - gas-by-wire: completely digital accelerator pedal
  • All features can be swapped out to accommodate your hardware or customized to your needs

Full Vehicle - Creating Strong Immersion

  • The vehicle interior is fully functional
  • Two fully programmable displays (center console and instrument cluster)
  • The interior can be customized to fit additional equipment or displays

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