People of Prospect - ft. Christian Roth, fka SV

Innovation in Mobility

Want to learn how automotive research is helping develop the future of mobility? ProspectSV is excited to sit down with Christian Roth, CEO of fka SV. 

fkaSV is a research firm with industry-level agility offering the only publicly accessible driving simulator in Silicon Valley. As fka's US subsidiary, fkaSV aims to bridge their first-rate German engineering and expert local innovation.

Tune in to learn about:

  • How does a driving simulator change the game for car development?
  • What role does research play in assessing distraction and usability in cars ?
  • When did Christian first become passionate about cars?

People of Prospect is an interview webinar series dedicated to learning more about the individuals in ProspectSV's ecosystem, especially about their industry knowledge and who they are as people.

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