Innovations in Mobility Meetup Presents:fka vehicle benchmarking data: DNA for digital twins

Innovation in Mobility

In today's vehicle development, Digital Twins play an important role. In the course of steadily shortening cycle times between the debuts of successive vehicle models, the focus is on streamlining development processes and the associated reduction in development time. Digital Twins enable the early simulative validation of significant vehicle properties without use of complex test procedures on completed prototypes.

For the creation of Digital Twins, fka GmbH uses in-house data generated as part of a detailed design and function benchmarking of newest electric vehicles in cooperation with FEV GmbH. In the framework of functional benchmarking analyses are carried out concerning the drive train, the driving characteristics, the NVH behavior as well as the electric vehicle-specific components and systems. These results provide calibration data for simulation models. The final vehicle teardown forms the basis for creating professional CAD and FE models of systems or components, which are fundamental for further developments or the development of innovative systems.

Our in-house processes for design and validation of “Digital Twins” will be presented throughout the webinar using measurements of real benchmarking data.

Our Speakers:

Oliver Vossen is a manager in the field of drivetrain system development and validation. He has a master's degree in automotive engineering and was responsible for several research projects during his work at the institute for automotive engineering at RWTH Aachen University. His main interest is prototyping innovations for a demonstration on the test track. Expertise in the field of system validation is another key element of his projects covering eco-innovations, field test evaluation, and vehicle benchmarking.

Joern Luetzow is the manager of functions & testing in the field of chassis and vehicle dynamics at fka in Aachen, Germany. He has a diploma degree in automotive engineering. During his career, he worked in and lead numerous industry and research projects focusing on function development for chassis and VDC systems, investigation & evaluation of vehicle dynamics, and testing on component, subsystem, and full vehicle level.

Ulrich Kradepohl is a mechanical engineer at the fka GmbH specializing in machine perception and ADAS testing. Before he joined in 2018, he worked at Fraunhofer Society and the University of Paderborn as a control engineer developing mechatronic suspensions. He graduated with the degree Dipl.-Ing in 2012 at RWTH University.

Join us Thursday, 19 May 2021 at 9:30am Pacific Time, 12:30am Eastern Time, 18:30pm Central European Time

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